Ayurvedic Massage

I was taught that to give massage, I must learn to feel and listen with my hands. In learning this skill, giving a massage has evolved into a beautiful form of meditation. It is also a form of sharing love in a very peaceful, respectful way, and in a very safe space. Many people do not have the experience of deep, safe, intimate, touch in their lives. It is the kind of touch which satisfies a primal need: The need to, in a very vulnerable state, be touched and treated consciously, respectfully and lovingly each and every second. This is a source of great healing for many. It can bring people back into connection with who they really are. Our bodies experienced, absorbed and memorized within our nervous systems, many memories of painful, unconscious and even violent touch. Anything less than loving, present, conscious touch can register in the nervous system as shock or trauma (including touch from various professionals an health care providers). Our bodies can hold this as tension our whole lives. Very sensitive, aware massage is a beautiful, pleasurable and necessary part of releasing painful, stored material. Regular massage also supports building healthy, mature, physical, emotional, and mental reference points for intimacy and contact. Our bodies are a great discovery.

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